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With full emphasis on quality, our sports products are manufactured by specialized machinery and which gives our products an unbeatable price edge too. Our cricket balls are finely stitched in accordance with the International Standard of measurement and quality and come in all weather material constructions.

The customers' specifications and satisfaction define the quality standards at Pilot Sports. All the products are constructed using premium quality raw materials like PU, wool, leather, rubber, cloth, plastics, etc. All the products meet the high standards set by various International Sports Councils

We, Pilot Sports, feel that the dynamism of sports goods/accessories industry necessitates a sound infrastructural base. Our company has a fully integrated infrastructural system, and we work in close coordination with each other, thus ensuring that the end product meets the exact customer specifications and the international standards of quality.

Our greatest strength is our dedicated workforce, who are well qualified and have the requisite technical know-how. The production, sales and support departments work in tandem with each other and meet the specified delivery schedules.