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Product Code : 010
Brand Name : PS
Product Description



 gym Ball 95cms with  pump

The ball is used to do numerous exercises for back, Abdominal area & stretching etc.

The Ball is punctures less and comes with an exercise chart.

The Gym ball is excellent exercise equipment which allows you to work your muscles without having to go to a gym. It is also called it a ‘fit ball’ due to its ability to train body to top level fitness by working on every muscle group of the body. Even if you are doing the strength exercises, the Swiss ball will prove to be your best companion.

You can use the Gym ball to perform various exercises which will develop your muscles from the upper body, lower body and trunk. It is an all around workout equipment which makes it a perfect exercise partner for everyone.

There are various exercises focusing the upper body which can be done using the Swiss ball. You can start with relatively lighter exercises like wall pushups and floor pushups. You can then gradually move towards more intense exercises like reverse pushups and triceps dips. Remember that you need to focus on making the exercises a little difficult with time. An important part of the ab exercises are the lower body exercises which can be performed using the Swiss ball include variations of squat position and on floor exercises. You can start working the muscles in the lower body by using the Swiss ball to sit in a squat position and putting stress on your lower body.

You can also work on your thighs by keeping the ball inside the thighs and moving your legs towards your chest while lying down on your exercise mat. Keeping the Swiss ball a feet away from your hips and placing your feet on it will let you exercise the hamstring curl. You will have to lift your abdominal section while resting in this position to perform this exercise perfectly. You can also do exercises to strengthen your trunk using the Swiss ball. You can perform simple exercise like ball crunches or can choose more strength gaining exercises like ball rotation, reverse plank, woodchop and side crunches. Just make sure that you are regular while working on your muscles and you are keeping a healthy diet to gain maximum benefit from this magical exercise equipment.